Let's Learn FaunaDB

Fauna is a flexible, developer-friendly, transactional database delivered as a secure and scalable cloud API with native GraphQL. Never again worry about database provisioning, scaling, sharding, replication, or correctness.

A powerful and productive development experience

Fauna is a unique indexed document system that supports relations, documents and graphs for unmatched modeling flexibility. Its query interface features complex joins and custom business logic (ala stored procedures), as well as support for real-time streaming and GraphQL. Furthermore, Fauna is connectionless, and accessible directly from the browser or mobile clients. Simplify code and ship faster with Fauna!

A reliable, no-compromise platform that you can trust

Fauna gives you the data safety, security, and scalability you need to build a new business or modernize existing applications. Featuring a distributed data and compute engine that is strongly consistent, fast, and highly resilient, Fauna is grounded in academic research and Jepsen tested. It never loses your data, lets you start small, and scales globally when you're ready. Upgrade to Fauna and future-proof your business.

Total freedom from database complexity at every stage

Fauna is an API, not a DBaaS or a cluster that you must manage. It is provisioning-free, configuration-free and available instantly as a serverless utility. Once plugged in, it delivers limitless capacity, and throughput so your applications never break under unpredictable loads. Fauna completely eliminates operational overheads such as sharding, capacity planning, data replication, scheduled maintenance etc. This is database nirvana.